A Review of Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com is one of the leading genealogical sites on the Internet. It is a subscription based site, but it also has a few free options for people to use as well. The site is compatible with GEDCOM files, as well as several other types of genealogy software.

One of the most appealing features of this site is that it allows you to give access to other family members. You can create your family tree online, upload photos, audio files and stories about your family history to the site. Then your family can contribute and view the site as well. This means that you can expand the collection of stories and memories to more than just your own. It is also online so it is easily accessed by most family members.

This site also offers research tools for you to use. You can access the United States census reports from 1790 to 1930 as well as records from other countries. The website also tries to help you fill the blanks by looking at other information it may have avialble.

The forums are another great feature of Ancestry.com. The forums are divided by region in case you are looking for specific regional help or they are also divided by topic. This way you can get real reviews of software, and other research resources.

Ancestry.com also offers free webinars to help you get started using Ancestry.com and researching your genealogy. The webinars are archived, and you can view the archived ones at any time. Additionally there are several articles available to read both about research and utilizing the great features founds at Ancestry.com.

The most appealing thing about Ancestry.com is that it allows you to utilize all forms of media when creating your family tree. You get a more complete picture than with just a list of names. The photographs and stories that you add can bring your family history to life for those that you share it with. It is definitely worth considering as an option for you to use.