A Review of “Foul Play” by Betsy Brannon Green

Betsy Brannon Green is a master of the suspense novel. I have enjoyed every novel that I have read by her. One particularly good novel is “Foul Play.” This is the story of Billie Murphy who works full time for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce as a public relations representative. She also writes novels in her spare time. She has worked hard for a long time and is about to take a much-deserved vacation when a co-worker, Camille, forces Billie to take her spot to show businessmen possible sights for a future plant.

While on her trip strange things begin to happen. One of the businessmen, Kip, disappears, although his associates do not seem too concerned. Then Camille is killed in a car bomb, which was planted on Billie’s car. Billie quickly realizes that she may be in some danger. Then Kip’s bodyguard, Nathan, begins to become suspicious of the events surrounding Billie and offers to help her. Billie soon realizes that the criminals think that she has information about them, which she does not. Billie and Nathan are chased across the Georgia countryside by the police as well as by the men who are trying to kill Billie. During this time Nathan and Billie begin to fall for each other. Although Nathan must struggle to overcome his past before he can allow himself to fall in love.

This is a very suspenseful novel. Betsy Brannon Green does an excellent job of drawing you in from the very beginning. She holds your attention throughout the novel. She is masterful at creating characters that you care about. Her main characters, as well as some minor characters have personality traits that will make you smile, and to want to get to know them better. She also does an excellent job of weaving romance into a suspense novel. I really enjoyed this novel, and I would recommend any that she has written.