A Review of Prophets, Priests and Kings by Andrew C. Skinner

I’m a closet theologian. What does that mean? I devour the scriptures. I devour the books by the brethren as well as a few select theologians, Andrew C. Skinner being one of them. There is nothing I love more than learning new things about the gospel and diving into the scriptures and words of the brethren to delve further into that new knowledge. For me it is a grand treasure hunt, one that ends in the ultimate prize.

On to Prophets, Priests and Kings by Br. Skinner. Did you know that Melchizedek, the man the higher priesthood is named after and the one to whom Abraham paid his tithes, was the king of Salem? Why is that interesting? Because I didn’t know that through the teaching of Melchizedek the wicked people of Salem were so completely transformed that city was translated too. Is that interesting or what? How about the role of prophetesses in the Old Testament and the role of that calling in the Lord’s kingdom? How about a deeper understanding of Abraham, Isaac and that whole sacrificing business? He talks of the ancient king, Cyrus, foretold of in Hebrew writings and a righteous man who allowed religious freedom. We learn about how the Lord will use any righteous person as long as they listen.

Br. Skinner carefully goes through several of the prophets, priests, kings, queens and prophetesses of the Old Testament and draws the correlation between them and the Savior. In other words, he points out how each is a type, shadow and similitude of the Savior. I found it absolutely fascinating and recommend this book to one and all. This is a marvelous addition to Andrew C. Skinner’s writings. Gethsemane, Golgotha and The Garden Tomb being his others.

What’s next on my plate? Finishing Matthew B. Brown’s The Plan of Salvation. Just a side note, Alvin and I had lunch with him the other day and I picked his brain on his new book. Oh wow! Can’t wait for that one!