A Sad Statistic

Yesterday on the radio I heard a sad statistic. According to statistics more couples break up over the next four weeks than at any other time of year. For a time that should be happy and rejoicing and is about the gift of love as revealed to all of is through God’s gift of Jesus this is a horrifying statistic to hear.

The cause of the break ups between couples is largely stress. Dealing with visits to respective families, or families that don’t get along with each other and all the interpersonal squabbles and jealousies and interactions that go on with a family can make tension build. It’s a very sad state of affairs when this occurs. What can you do to minimize negative effects this Christmas?

Firstly remember you prime allegiance, no matter how much you or your spouse love parents and siblings, your prime allegiance is your spouse. This is the person you have committed to for life. This is the person you most want to please. If your spouse does not get along with in-laws or finds being in their company stressful, then you might want to limit the time and not plan an extended stay. Or you might choose to visit, but stay in alternate accommodation so then when you or your spouse have had enough, you can retreat for some together time – just the two of you or with you own children.

It’s sad when families struggle to get along but better to limit time with family and avoid stressful situations than to endanger your marriage.

Another source of stress at Christmas can be fighting with traffic. Try and choose your times carefully, so you are not travelling at peak times when other impatient drivers all trying to get somewhere are on the road. It may mean leaving a bit earlier or later but it is preferable to a long road trip on crammed roads, especially if you have children and they get fractious confined to the car for any length of time.

Join me for more tips next time.

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