A Scrapbook Journal Making Party – a Personal Experience

Over the weekend, our entire family, that’s seven of us, sat down for a journal making session. Our four girls are extremely creative, as is our boy and mom and dad too.

After I made my previous journals, and wrote three articles titled: Designing a Journal (1) , Designing a Journal (2) and Designing a Journal (3), everyone in our family got excited and wanted to make them too.

I purchased tons of composition books, I think our count was at twenty last time I checked, but at our journal making session we made six. There are sales everywhere on them right now because of back to school and I got them for .50 each.

A quick trip to the scrapbook store provided us with papers to suit each person’s taste, embellishments and a charm for our bookmark.

The entire process probably took an hour at most, however it could be shortened or lengthened to suit your needs. We had a church function to go to and although we weren’t rushed, we were on a time crunch.

The basics of course are simply to teach them how to cover their albums. Once they have that done, allowing them their own creativity in actually decorating their albums is the most important part. Do not tell them where to place things, and do not give helpful hints unless they seem stumped or ask. The purpose of allowing them the creativity is teaching them to develop their own style, just as you and I as scrapbookers have.

While I was sitting and watching each of the children create their journals, I started thinking about other ways that I could utilize this fun activity beyond just my immediate family. I knew my children’s playmates would see their journals and wish that they too had been able to create a beautiful project.

I kept thinking of all these clever ideas and decided that when the fall months turner colder and crisper, we’ll allow our children to each invite a friend and we’ll host a journal making party. What fun that will be and watching children be creative is possibly one of the most precious gifts in having children.

Are you interested in hosting a party for your children or their friends? Are you anxious to get them involved in a basic way in scrapbooking? Watch my blog tomorrow for information on a Journal Making Party. It will include food ideas, tips and more for hosting the best party ever!

Have a great week!


journals journals

Brielle – age 8………..Jessica – age 7

journals journals

Melissa – age 9………..Vanessa – age 11

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