A Scrapbook of Your Child’s First Year

A nice addition to your child’s Baby Book is a scrapbook of their first year. This enables you to add more than what their Baby Book asks for. You can add your own creativity and save some of the keepsakes that you wouldn’t otherwise keep.

A good way to create this type of scrapbook is to do it month-by-month. You can pre-design all of your pages and just add photos, notes and keepsakes as the year progresses. Perhaps design two scrapbook pages per month. The first introduces the month and has a list of new accomplishments for your baby. The second would have more room for photos and any small keepsakes, such as the handwritten tag off of a birthday present from Grandma.

To make it easy to update the scrapbook throughout the year, put the pre-designed pages into the plastic sleeves in the scrapbook. Then, month-by-month, pull out the past month’s pages and list the things that stood out about your baby.

Perhaps your baby took her first steps in February. You’ll want to include photos of her taking steps. When you’ve printed the photo, attach it to your February Photos page in your scrapbook. Then, on the list of accomplishments, write that she took her first steps and on what day. You may also want to include a short story of how she reacted.

Don’t forget to put in the first holidays that you celebrate with your child. If you did something special for Valentine’s Day, such as placing your child’s photo on little Valentine cards that you gave to family and friends, include one in your scrapbook. You may not think of keeping one for yourself when you are doing them, but it really adds to the scrapbook to include things like that. The invitation for your child’s first birthday is another good keepsake. You wouldn’t ordinarily keep one for yourself but it is a great addition to your scrapbook.

For other ideas, check out our other blogs. I found an interesting blog about the first page of your scrapbook, which is the hardest to design.

Creating this scrapbook will give you something to look back at and will hold fond memories that you will cherish for years to come. I’ve enjoyed mine and I hope you will find the experience as rewarding as I have. Happy Scrapbooking!