A Shopping Guide for Twins (or more) Part 2: Traveling

Traveling with twins is a tricky proposition. It is hard to lug around enough of everything for two babies. However, getting out with your twins will help you feel like a normal person again. Outings can also help calm fussy babies. Here is a list of things to think about when it comes to traveling with two in tow.

When it comes to wearing two babies, I don’t recommend purchasing most carriers that are sold in stores. Many multiples are born premature and carrying is one of the best things you can do for your babies. However, most carriers are not designed to be used for twins or kangaroo care. For twins I suggest a Maya Wrap or something similar. They are more comfortable than most slings that are readily available in stores because they don’t have any padding. If you are inclined to wear both babies, two slings will serve you well. You can purchase Maya Wraps at their website.

Car Seats
Obviously you need two car seats. I recommend getting two car seats that are convertible into toddler seats. They are more expensive but you will need to keep your babies in car seats at least until they are 4 and in many states until they are 7. If you buy something that only goes up to 20 lbs., you will find yourself buying two more car seats again fairly soon. On the other hand, many people like snap and go traveling systems for multiples because you can easily transfer sleeping babies from the car into the house.

You also will obviously need a tandem stroller. So should you buy side to side or front to back? If you have a front to back stroller, the heavier the babies are, the more difficult the stroller gets to maneuver. Side to side strollers fit through most doors without a problem. They generally fit anywhere that is handicap accessible. Think about how much walking you’ll be doing with the twins alone and where you’ll be walking. We prefer a side by side tandem.

Diaper Bags
You will only need one, but you’ll need a bigger one. You can’t get away with a little tiny one when you have twins. Before buying your diaper bag consider the stroller you are getting. Will the type of bag you’re getting fit easily on the type of handles your stroller has? Choose your diaper bag according to how it will fit on your stroller because you only have two hands for two babies. You do not need to occupy one hand fiddling with a diaper bag. (Actually we keep diapers and wipes under the stroller in one of the baskets.)

Again, when you are thinking about going out and about with your twins, think about where you will be with them, especially if you are alone. Get a stroller that is highly durable and is also easy to maneuver. I also recommend buying stroller toys, as well as car seat toys. I didn’t buy anything like that for my singletons. However, with twins, when one cries, it often sets off the other one. Some well placed distractions help a lot.