A Shopping Guide for Twins (or more) Part 3: Toys and Other Goodies

This is the blog for anything else that didn’t fit into the other three! It is socially acceptable to ask for odd things when you are having multiples. People generally recognize that having twins requires quite a bit of extra effort and most friends that are asking you what they can do, will not be offended if you answer creatively. When you are responding to people who want to help, consider suggesting the following gifts along with your registry.

Gift Cards
Because there are so many “unknowns” with multiples I recommend that you politely ask for money. Gift cards to your favorite baby store will let you go out and get things that you discover you need after the babies are born.

I never bought toys for my singletons. Or at least not as many. However, many mothers of multiples quickly discover that the best way to get something done is by distraction. If you want to feed or bathe one baby, distract the other. Also, twins respond to each other, which means if one is crying, it will likely set off the other one too. Therefore, I recommend stroller toys and car seat toys as tools.

Household Help
It is worth your effort and your money to pay someone, even if it is only once a week, to come in and help you. You may be thinking that you can’t afford it, but I assure you, that you probably can’t afford not to. You undoubtedly have good friends and you may be thinking they’ll help you. They probably will. But long after the twins have gotten passed those critical first three months, you’ll still need help. I suggest going to a local college and advertising with elementary education, early childhood education, or nursing majors; unless of course you’re looking for a full time nanny. However you find help, you’ll be grateful later that you did.

Baby Photo Albums
If you are especially crafty you’ll probably even want to get all the scarp booking supplies too. However, get two baby albums. I have heard several twins say that they never had pictures of them by themselves–it was always the two of them. If your twins are so alike that you can’t tell them apart in photos consider this tip: take several pictures of one twin, develop or print the pictures, scrapbook them or put them in the photo album and then do the same for the other twin the next day. We thought the twins were being so cute, and took tons of pictures of them separately only to get them printed and discover that our tell tale sign (a slight vein on Laura’s nose) was not easily visible in the prints!

When you’re shopping for extras, as always, keep in mind your space. Also, if people offer or ask you what you need, it is not rude to ask for money or help! Having twins puts a big dent in a family’s budget. Also, remember that you are likely going to need effective toys that distract one baby while you’re doing something with the other. For more information on what else to buy, look for Part 4 of this blog tomorrow.