A Simple New Idea

This year we have, thanks to my daughter who is the artistic one in the family, a new idea for our card tree. It’s just a simple change but it makes a lot of difference to the way the card tree looks.

Every year the card tree goes up, so yesterday we took a walk and scouted round for some branches that had come off gum trees in recent storms. Eucalypts or gum trees are notorious for snapping apart, which is why I would never have one near the house. Come to think of it, I would never have a gum tree growing at all as they are very fragile with wind and storms.

But it was easy to go to the bush near our home and pick up three suitable branches which we carried home. One even had little leaves and gum nuts still on it. Next was the big spray, so no spiders or ticks came in with the house with the branches. Because of the wet in Australia it has been a very bad year for ticks, so we are being constantly warned.

The reason the card tree went up first this time was I got sick of the wind blowing all the cards down every time a breeze blew through the door. Plus we’d run out of room on the dresser and I don’t like the idea of hanging cards on walls. It will be next week before lights go up and other Christmas decorations.

This year our card tree of three branches put together is on a blue ceramic pot with a tray. Then my daughter suggested instead of tying the card s on with fishing line or cat gut as I normally do, we use red or gold ribbon and tie them on and make the ribbons into a feature tied in bows. I thought the red looked more festive next to the natural branch color, so that is what we did. We will probably also add a few red baubles as well.

That plus the Christmas tableaux and the nativity scene is as far as our Christmas decorating has gone …yet.

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