A Step-Mother’s Role

blended family parentingIf you are in a blended family, you’ve probably heard the prediction that step-families will be the families of the future. However, over the years our society has painted the step mother out to be this horrible woman who treats her step-children terribly. Think Disney movies and you basically have it. Is this the norm in a typical blended family? Not at all. Most step mothers are seriously committed to making their blended family a success rather than a statistic.

With the odds strongly stacked against them from the very start, a step mother often feels ill at ease and overwhelmed by her new blended family. And still her determination is a key ingredient in how she chooses to live from the very start. However, more often than not, these feelings get jumbled into a big mess and can leave her feeling like a failure.

With all the myths about step-mothers, how does one learn to cope with her new life, her new role and be who and what she is supposed to be and not what the world has perceived for so long?

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be sharing some articles that are designed to help you in your family dynamics. The articles will be addressing things like learning more about your family, things to do to make everyone (including step-mother) more comfortable, and general advice and ideas that have worked for many others.

The myths I will work hard to dispel, revolve mostly around the evil step-mother syndrome and around the myth that loving your family comes instantly (it doesn’t by the way). Families take work and commitment, and anyone can be evil (not just stepmothers). These ridiculous myths have caused much pain and stress for many women over the years as they try to come to terms with their roles in their new families. There is certainly no need for that, and with our society being more accepting in many other areas, it seems only natural that a step-mother be afforded the same courtesy.

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