A Strange Idea of Love

Some people have a strange idea of what love is. Recently Mick and I watched 3 shows. In each case one person was supposedly in love with the other person, yet you wouldn’t have thought so by their behavior. In each case the person was intent on making their partner jealous by flirting with or kissing someone else and by trying to evoke a response from them.

In my view, if you love someone you don’t behave like this. It’s the sort of behavior that often happens with young teenagers experimenting with their sexuality and their attraction to and effect on the opposite sex. It is not the behavior of mature adults who care about the other person and their feelings. Would you agree?

Playing with another person’s feelings especially if that person is your marriage partner is asking for trouble? Why would you even consider it, if you care about the other person? Do their feelings mean so little that you are prepared to hurt them and play with their feelings?

Yes I know these were TV shows but sadly the same thing is reflected in real life. People are so caught up with trying to get the response they want from the one they claim to love that they don’t consider the other person’s feeling at all.

This shows up in areas like trying to make them jealous with someone else, by trying to lay a guilt trip on them for their behavior and for the words or sometimes lack of them or by trying to make them angry because they have hurt you. If you love the other person you accept them as they are. You don’t try and change them and you certainly don’t play with their feelings, just to try and make yourself feel better or more important or more loved.

If we all spent more time thinking about how the other person in the relationship feels and less about our own feeling, maybe marriages would be in a lot better shape. What do you think?

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