A to Z Educational and Fun Summer Activities: I-N

Yesterday, I shared some fun and educational summer activities A through H. Today, I would like to address letters I through N. Most of these activities require no special materials or time. Just remembering to spend quality time with your child and keep him or her out from in front of the television can enhance his or her learning.

I = Inquire! Ask your child open-ended and critical thinking questions as you take trips and visit places this summer. Many children only need a nudge to get their minds rolling. Question your child about why his pool toy floats in the water. Have him guess which objects will sink. Ask your child to estimate how long it will take you to travel a particular distance.

J = Join a children’s museum! There is a children’s museum about thirty-five minutes from my home. It is small but wonderful. We were lucky enough to visit a larger discovery museum last summer in Chattanooga. These museums offer summer classes and fun programs.

K = Keep a Journal! Buy novelty pens and notepads for your child and encourage him or her to keep a summer journal. He or she can record all the events and share them with family members or his or her teacher.

L = Library! Visit the library. If old enough, get your child his or her own card. Check for library story times. Some libraries offer summer reading programs.

M = Money! Let your child earn some money this summer by doing chores. There is nothing like teaching your child the value of a dollar and hard work. At the end of the summer, take him or her shopping.

N = New experiences! Think of three things that your child has never experienced and share the experiences with him. Experiences can help literature comprehension. The experiences can be as simple as eating at a Chinese restaurant or going to a drive-in theater. Go to an airport and watch the planes come in, visit a dairy farm, or ride a horse.

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