A Valuable Military Resource

As military and military family members, we have a variety of resources available to help us that did not exist a generation ago. Prior generations relied on family, friends, churches, or other community support options to help them through deployments and other aspects of military living. Today, out of necessity, we have family support groups, a plethora of services on base, magazines, web forums, blogs, and a variety of web sites.

One great resource I discovered that has proved invaluable to me is http://www.military.com. This site offers news, links to other sites, career information, pay information, etc. Do you want to find a long lost military buddy? Do you need information on military history for a report? You can find everything you need at this wonderful page.

Over the next several articles, I will explore the information at Military.com. I will begin with military news.

If you ever watch the evening news or read the paper, perhaps you have noticed a little bias against anything related to the military? I have noticed bias, particularly about the war on terror and President Bush. How refreshing it has been to read articles about the military written from a positive perspective.

When my husband was in Iraq, I watched the news daily for any little tidbit of information about the war. My husband warned me that the news media rarely reports any positive stories. I found the network news depressing to watch, and so did my husband. After hearing that the whole story was not being reported, I turned the television off. The world never left me behind, and I have never regretted this decision. Now that I have found Military.com, I can keep up with the latest news stories without reading negative press about our brave soldiers.