A Wedding and An Arrest

Jon Cryer Marries Lisa Joyner

I have liked Jon Cryer every since I saw him star as Duckie in Pretty in Pink. For a while, it seemed that he would just known as a poor man’s Matthew Broderick, but he finally got his big break with CBS’ “Two and a Half Men.”

Now, in addition to career success, he is also experiencing personal happiness. Jon married his fiancé, entertainment reporter Lisa Joyner, in Mexico last Saturday. Lisa, the host of TV Guide’s InFANity wore a Monique Lhuillier gown made of champagne satin with ivory lace over it. The ceremony was held at the Chapel of Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in Cabo San Lucas. Cryer has a six-year-old son, Charlie, from his first marriage to Sarah Trigger. Cryer’s representative says the couple is “very, very happy.”

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Kristy Swanson Arrested for Assault

You may remember the uncomfortable love story that arose from the “Skating with Celebrities” reality show. Actress Kristy Swanson was paired with championship skater Lloyd Eisler. The two fell in love while practicing and competing and ended up winning the show’s finale and each other’s love.

This would have been a nice story except that Eisler was married at the time – and his wife was eight months pregnant with his baby! Eisler eventually divorced Marcia O’Brien and he and Swanson welcomed their first child, a boy named Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler, on February 16th of this year.

I thought maybe the whole affair had settled down, but Swanson was arrested last Saturday for supposedly assaulting Marcia. She was arrested when O’Brien claimed Swanson attacked her in front of her two children by Eisler. Swanson confirmed that she went to the police station for booking. She was later released on a $500 bail. Swanson’s rep, Michael Sands, says that Kristy plans to file assault charges against O’Brien. She said the police have photos that show injuries to her back and upper extremities.

My question is…if you took another woman’s husband (although trust me, I feel he is as guilty if not more so than Swanson), why would you go to her house? Yeah, I know, those are her stepchildren; she needs to built a relationship, etc. But seriously, couldn’t Eisler have picked them up? Why do these two keep adding fire to the flame?