A Year Of Scrapbooking

It has been exactly one year today, March 22, since I began writing for the scrapbooking section here at www.families.com. It has been an amazing and awesome year. I have had the opportunity to watch the site change and grow in very large amounts, and I was in the second batch of bloggers hired. I have also seen myself grow and change in both style and layout design. I have met many new wonderful people, I have had the opportunity to try out many new scrapbooking products to review, and have made some really great lifelong friends here.

I found it interesting to go back a year and see what articles I was posting at that time. I liked seeing what I decided to start writing about immediately. I remember at that time, I was trying to catch up on some journaling from completed layouts. Well, obviously they weren’t completed if I was still trying to catch up on journaling, but despite the fact that they were unfinished then, I can happily say that they are finished now.

The very first article I posted was titled The Scrapbook Journaling Process: Why It’s Important, where I spent some time explaining the importance of recording our memories. If you get a chance, check out the article. It still stands true – the classic explanation of why memories matter.

I followed up that article by explaining in The Scrapbook Journaling Process: The Basic 5 W’s all about the basic information that you should include in the journaling process. The who, what, where, when, and why.

If you are a serious journal writer, you might wish to take a look at The Scrapbook Journaling Process: The Advanced 5 W’s where I then explained how to further expand on your journaling. Including more information, step by step.

So, as I begin the month of April, I plan to not only take a look back at the journaling process, but also to give you some new tips and methods to make journaling more fun and look more creative on your layouts.

My first year at www.families.com has been incredible because of all of you. So thank you for reading my articles, thank you for leaving your comments and feedback, and most of all, thank you for the great friends I have made and the experience I have gained from each of you.

Look for more articles inspired by my one year anniversary with www.families.com coming at the end of the month.