Abandon All Distractions!

I’ve got a problem. I’ve got a big problem. I’ve got lots of reading to do and lots of writing to do and it has to happen now. I’m feeling super-stressed and minus-time. I need an extra day a week and then some. I need a (completely safe and non-addicting) way to work twenty-four hours every day and I need it fast. Alas, this will not do. I cannot sleep less and expect to stay awake while reading. I cannot create an extra day or even a few more hours. What can I do?

I’m quite seriously looking for suggestions but I’ll tell you what I’m trying currently. I’ve decided to get some exercise. Weird but true. I’m going walk or bike the mile or so to the closest coffee shop with a book, a notepad, and a pen on my back and sit until I’ve completed some quantifiable task each day (or maybe just weekdays) in order to avoid (sadly) the distractions of my family (including my young son). How else can I truly concentrate on so many words and so much fine print? There is loud music and fussing and playtime and spills and messes and crying and naps. There are questions and chores and decisions and bills. Somehow I need to escape for a small time in order to get some serious work done. This is my task and my trial and only time will tell.

This website is unique in that it addresses many issues and specifically ways to improve your productive times in spite of struggle. So, in addition or opposition to my ideas above, I turn to you readers of families.com for advice on blocking out noise, refocusing, and honing in on large amounts of work. I’ve already fallen a little bit behind. Is it bad that I’ve thought about purchasing earmuffs for jackhammer operators?