ABC Scrapbooks – Five More ABC Lists

ABC ablums are so much fun to create, but thinking up lists of ABC words can be difficult. I’ve compiled a few that I’ve had for many years. I add to them whenever I think of a new word or see something that should be on it. I hope you will do the same. If there are some needed words missing, just let me know!

High School ABC’s
by author unknown

A – Annuals, athletics, Algebra

B – books, band, ball games,

C – college prep classes, computer lab, calculators, chemistry, calculus, choir, cheer leading

D – Driver’s Ed, diploma, dances, deadlines, drama

E – education, essays, entrance tests,

F – Fine Arts, field trips, fabulous friends, freshman, football

G – grades, going out, gym, graduation, geography, geometry

H – homeroom, honor roll, hairstyles, homework, holidays hanging out, Homecoming

I – intelligent, interests, Internet, Instant Messaging

J – journalism, joking, junior

K – keyboard, knowledge, kids

L – laughter, late nights, library, learning, lunch break

M – math, MTV, music, mascots, movies,

N – new kids, no parents!, new clothes, newspaper

O – Open House, Orientation, oh no!, Oh Darn!

P – pom poms, parents, pet peeves, plays, principal, PE, prom, portraits

Q – queen of the crowd, quiet (study hall),

R – report cards, rules, riding around with pals

S – school, Student of the Week, School’s Out , school pride, Student Council, spring break, study, scholarship, SATs, sophomore, senior

T – team spirit, teachers, Talents, T-shirts, Tests, theater

U – underclass, upperclassmen, University tours

V – Valentine’s Dance, vacation

W – win, “Who’s Who”, What’s next?

X – X-tra Special Student: X-ellent, X-rated

Y – yearbook, yahoo!

Z – ‘Z end’ or zzzz’s

Wedding ABC’s
by Author Unknown

A – Announcements, Aunts

B – Bride, Bridesmaids, Best Man

C – Church, Cake, Clergy, Caterers

D – Dating, Dance, Delightful, Deadlines

E – Engagement, Engagement Ring, Entertainment

F – Family and Friends, father, forever

G – Groom, Groomsmen, Guests, Gifts, Garter, Gown

H -Honeymoon, Happiness

I – Invitation, Infinite Love

J – Justice of the Peace, Joined in marriage

K – Keepsakes, Kisses

L – Love, Legs (bridesmaids garters)

M – Marriage Certificate, Minister, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Mothers, Mother in Law

N – Newlyweds, New Family

O – Opening the gifts, Open Hearted

P – Priest, Presents, Parents, Pastor, Personal Attendants

Q – Question (the Big Question), Quotes from friends

R – Rehearsal, Relatives, Reception, Rings

S – Showers, Songs

T – Toss (bouquet and garter), Traditions, tuxedo

U – Ushers, uncles

V – Vows, Vacations

W – Wedding, wedding gown

X – Xtra Special Memories, Xtra Special Moments, Xtra Special Guy or Gal or Friends

Y – Youth, Say Yes

Z – Zoom in, Zoom off

Scrapbooking ABC’s
by unknown author

A – articles, artistic, acid , archival quality, albums, anvil,
alphabet, album, altered books, adhesives, Acid , Alphabets, Adhesive,
Adhesive, Album,

B – backgrounds, borders, blades for cutting, buttons, bows, beads,
baubles, brads, binders, brass templates, borders, Buffered, border, books,
books, Birthdays,

C – cropping, cutting, creating, collecting, coordinating, charms,
chat rooms, cardstock, Club Scrap, chalk, creativity, Computer, CD’s,
calligraphy, crops, classes, Cardstock, Crop, Corners, Cropping, Circle
cutter, circle cutter, corner punches, clips, Chalking, Creative Memories,
Creating Keepsakes, Camera, Coluzzle, ck, Club Scrap, club scrap, clips,

D – deciding, dating, designing, detailing, diecuts, diamond dust,
dry embossing, deco scissors, Die-cut, Die cuts, design, diecut,
Camera, Decorative Scissors,

E – embellishments, embossing, eyelets, eyelet setter, embossing
powder, E K Success, eight by eleven and a half inch paper, Eyelet,

F – fibers, feelings, fasteners, foam stamps, families, fonts,
Frames, Fonts, Family, Friends, forgiving mat, Film,

G – gluing, guillotine, glitter, Giant punches, glue sticks, gems,
Glue dots, glue, Glue stick, Gel Pens,

H – hammering, hole punch, heat gun, Heritage, Hot Off The Press,
Hole Punch, Holidays, Heritage, Headings, history, Hermafix, heat gun,
hammer, Handmade, Handwriting, Higgins

I – idea books, ink pads, Ink. ink pad, Italian paper clips,

J – journaling, journal box, jewels, jute, Jolee’s by you, journal,

K – kits, K & Co, Knife, Keepsakes, kit, Kids, K & Company,

L – laminating, Lignin , Light box, Layouts, Layout, Lettering,
layout, letters, lettering,

M – mosaics, memories, monochromatic, mulberry paper, magazines,
Matting, Mesh, Mounting, Markers, Memorabilia, mosaic, mat, M&M candies,
make and take, magic mesh, monochromatic pack, Mulberry, Making Memories,
Matted, Magazines, mulberry paper, Memories,

N – nail heads, newsletters, Notions, national scrapbook day,
Names of loved ones,

O – odds and ends, Opaque, Overlay, Organizers, Organization, on the
surface, O’ scrap,

P – photos, poses, paper, pens, pencils, paint, paste, punches, photo
safe, printed paper, punches, punch helpers, paper takers, pizza box, paper
trimmer, photo splits, photo corners, page protectors, Pages, Protectors,
Photos, pictures, pencil, PERLx, sizers, Paper piecing, Punchies, Patterned
Paper, Poems, Paperkuts, Paperkins, Printer, pencil, PERLx, pebbles,

Q – quadrants, quilting, Quilling, questions, quotes, preservation,
Quill, quickkutz,

R – rubber stamps, ribbon, rivets, raffia, Retreats, Remembering,
Ruler, Refills, Reposition, Rulers, Ribbon, Rubber Stamping, Radiant Pearls,
Ranger Products,

S – scissors, Sizzix, stash, scrapping, snipping, scraps, shopping,
self healing mats, snaps, stories, storage containers, stickers, stencils,
shaker boxes, sharing, Stamps, Storage, Strap. Scissors, Sewing, Stickers,
stamp, stylus, shaker box, storage, stencil, Serendipity Squares, Snaps,
Supplies, shaved ice, sand,

T – templates, tools, tape runner, twine, tracing paper, twelve by
twelve paper, tips, threads, tags, tassels, tea bag folding, text, title
blocks, Trimmer, Top Loading, Tearing, Themes, tag, template, tape, toppers,
Twistel, Toppers, Title, Tools,

U – unique albums, unity, Undo sticker remover, User-friendly, Ugly
pages, Undu, unmounted,

V – vellum, vellum die cuts, Vacations,

W – websites, wire, writing, Weaving, Window, Weddings, windows, waxy flax,

X – Xyron, X-Acto knife,

Y – Yesterday, yasutomo, Years, Yesteryear, Yahoo groups

Z – Zoom lens, zip-loc baggies, zig glue or pens, Zig-Zag, Zig,

Sports ABC’s
by author unknown

A – Aerobics, Aquatics, Athletes, Arm Wrestling, Adventure Racing, Acrobatics, Archery, Auto Racing

B – Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Bicycling, Boxing, Badminton, Bocci, Bungee Jumping, Billiards, Boomerang

C – Cheerleading, Cycling, Croquet, Cross Country, Climbing, Curling, Cricket, Canoing, Cabbage Ball

D – Diving, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Drag Racing, Darts, Discus

E – Equestrian, exercise

F – Football, Field Hockey, Fishing, Figure Skating, Fencing, Flag Football, Frisbee

G – Gymnastics, Golf,

H – Hockey, Horse Racing, Hunting, High Jump, Hackey Sack, Hurling

I – Ice Skating, Inline Skating, Indy 500

J – Juggling, Jai Alai, Javelin Toss, Jogging, Jump Rope

K – Kung Fu, Kick boxing, Kentucky Derby, Kite Sailing, Korfbal, Kabbadi

L – Laser Tag, Lacrosse, Lawn Bowling, Long Jump

M – Mountain Climbing, Mountain Biking, Martial Arts, Motorcylce Racing, Marathon, Marksmanship,

N – Nascar, NFL, NBA, NCAA, NHL

O – Olympics, Obstacle Course, Off Road Cycling, Orienteering

P – Pole Vault, Para Sailing, Polo, Pro Wrestling, Power Lifting, Ping Pong, Personal Water crafting

Q – Never Quit, Quail Hunting, Quiet Time, Quick

R – Rose Bowl, Roller Blading, Roller Skating, Roller Hockey, Race Car Driving, Rugby, Relay, Rock Climbing, Rowing, Running, Rhythmic, Gymnastics, Roller Derby, Rodeo

S – Soccer, Super Bowl, Softball, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Snow Boarding, Sky Diving, Skeet Shooting, Skate Boarding, Snow Mobile, Squash, Strongman, Surfing, Sled Dog Racing, Skating, Scuba Diving Shot Put, Synchronized Swimming, Sailing, Shooting,

T – Tennis, Track, Training, T-Ball, Triathlon, Track and Field, Table Soccer, Table Tennis, Team Handball

U – Underwater Sports, Ultimate Frisbee, Ultimate Volleyball, Unicycling, Under Dog
V – Volleyball, Victory

W – Water Skiing, Water Ballet, Wrestling, World Series, World Cup, Water Polo, Wiffle Ball, Wind Surfing, Walking, Weight Lifting, Wally Ball

X – eXcercise, eXhausted, eXciting, eXceptional, eXceptional athlete, X-Games, eXtreme sports,

Y – Yoga, Yachting,

Z – ZZZZ’s from being so tired!, Zany, Zippy, Zig Zag

Christmas ABC’s
by author unknown

A – Advent, anticipation, animals, assembling, angels, aromas

B – bells, baking, Baby, bows, believing

C – Carolers, chimney, cards, coal

D – Dinner, donkey, drums, dolly, donation, desert, delight

E – elves, eggnog, eager

F – family, friends, fireplace, Frosty the Snowman

G – gifts, green, guests, games, Grinch

H – hugs, ho ho ho, holy

I – icicles, iced cookies, ivy

J – joy, Jesus, jingle, jolly

K – keepsakes, kerchief, kids, kin-folk, kissing, Kris Kringle

L – lights, letter to Santa, lists

M – mistletoe, mice, manger, merry, memories, Mrs. Claus

N – Noel, afternoon naps, naughty, nice

O – Ornaments, opening

P – presents, popcorn, parties, pictures, phone calls, patience

Q – quilts, quiet time

R – reindeer, red, ribbons, relatives, reflection, Rudolph

S – Santa, sleigh, shopping, snowman, stories, snow, shepherds, stable, star, sharing, secrets, stockings

T – tree, tinsel, toys, traveling, traditions

U – unity, unruly, utopia

V – vacation, velvet, visitors

W – wreath, wrapping paper, wise men, waiting

X – (e)xcellant!, xlophone

Y – yarn, yams, yule, yule log, yule-tide

Z – zooming, zealous