ABC Scrapbooks – Getting Started

abc, scrapbook, albumsI absolutely adore ABC scrapbooks! They are so much fun and such a great way to use up duplicate photos, leftover stickers, scraps of paper, old die cuts, all those millions of punchies you have, and more!

But how do you go about getting started with an ABC album?

It’s actually pretty easy!

The glory of an ABC album is that they can be made for anyone. From preschoolers as a learning tool, to grandparents as a wonderful way to commemorate an occasion or as a brag book, they are always treasured.

Another great feature of an ABC album is that the alphabet only has twenty six letters in it, so guess what that means? Twenty six simple layouts and you’re done. Don’t get me wrong, your layouts can be as elaborate as you want them or as simple and plain as you want. You can focus more on the letter or you can highlight the photo. There are no rules to an ABC album, only I suppose that it’s in alphabetical order and that it uses up all the letters!

An ABC album makes the perfect gift too! It’s a fast and easy way to prepare a nice handmade gift for someone.

To begin, simply choose the size you wish to use. Many enjoy the smaller albums for these ABC albums. Once you have your album in place, you will need to think about the theme you’d like to do. Brainstorm words that can go with that theme for each letter of the alphabet. You might wish to only choose on word for each letter, or you might wish to use multiple words for each letter.

If you are having trouble, there are many resources available to find great ABC lists. Check my blog for a couple of fabulous scrapbook ABC lists.

Once you’ve brainstormed your ABC list, it’s time to assemble your embellishments, papers and supplies that you will need for each letter.
If you have the letter A and you are making a schooldays album, you might use the words, Arithmetic or Apple. Look for a photo that coordinates with the theme. Perhaps your daughter’s adorable skirt and shirt with the cute apples for the first day of school, or your child doing their math homework. Then embellish the page with letter A’s using stamps, paint, metals, stickers, templates, die cuts, whatever your imagination can think of. Also add apple stickers and die cuts, maybe a cute poem about apples, or perhaps some shrunken copies of your child’s ART which also begins with the letter “A”. You will have so much fun coming up with ideas, and this is a great opportunity to use up some of those leftovers.

So pull ’em out and get started!

Watch my blog for some useful ABC lists!