About Homeschool Drama Clubs

We spent the last week embroiled in my son’s drama club production of The Secret Garden. He had little time for any other kind of work as tech week is rather intensive. There was a full day of practices as well as several dress rehearsals, and finally three shows at the end of the week.

While they weren’t exactly doing math, grammar, and Spanish during this past week, It was clear that they never stopped learning. One girl carried around a College entrance exam book to study during down times. Others learned from hands on experience with sound boards and technical aspects of the play. Others learned to memorize long and difficult parts, and several in accents foreign to their own.

Drama club for homeschoolers provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and work together in a productive environment. They learn the art and importance of team work and they make lifelong friends… and of course there is the “ever-important socialization aspect”.

Starting and running a drama club isn’t exactly easy, but with cooperation from all of the parents, it can be done successfully. In our case, the arts and history program my kids attend on Mondays hosts our drama club, so that makes it a little easier. Still, each parent needed to pitch in to make it work.

A homeschool drama club needs a director, with experience in putting on plays, and a person with strong administration skills to keep everything running smoothly. You also need a set designer, a sound and lighting technician, and parents to help supervise during rehearsals and performances when the director is focusing on other things. You also need to purchase rights to a play, and find a venue to hold the performances and rehearsals. Finally, you need people to sell tickets and run concession stands and people to clean up after the play is over. Fundraising is also something you need to consider to pay the up-front costs of running the club.

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