Accidents Waiting to Happen

While my cellphone is capable of snapping pictures, I don’t dare use it to capture monumental moments. For example, there’s no way I would document my daughter’s birthday or kindergarten graduation with a mobile phone. Granted, the iPhone and other wireless devices come equipped with sophisticated built-in cameras, but the truth of the matter is I struggle to keep my grip on my modest-sized digital camera. I can’t imagine how often I would fumble trying to keep my hands on a palm-sized picture-taking device that isn’t set-up like a traditional camera.

I’m not a career butterfingers, but I’ve had my share of camera accidents. I’ve watched in horror as my camera has slipped out of my hands while replacing the batteries. In addition, I’ve seen it take a dive when using the self timer. Then there was the time when it fell on a sidewalk while it was being passed from my mom to my brother so they could view images on the LCD. It’s also sustained damage in Hawaii when the neck strap broke; in California when it got knocked off a table; and in Chicago when it fell from a rock wall I was using as a mock tripod.

Clearly, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. This goes double when you are on vacation. I don’t own a waterproof camera, but that doesn’t stop me from taking my device to the beach during our annual trips to Hawaii. While I haven’t lost a camera in the ocean yet, I have been in situations where my picture-taking tool has been saturated beyond what is acceptable for an electronic device. Since that accident, I always make sure my camera bag is well stocked with items such as a soft, absorbent cloth, a fresh Ziploc bag and silica gel. If you ever get caught in the rain or have a wave splash on your camera, towel it off, and then place it in the sealed bag with a few packets of silica gel. The gel will help reduce moisture and condensation until you can get home and thoroughly examine your camera and assess any major damage it may have suffered.

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