Ad or Art Inspiration Challenges

In previous articles I have discussed how artwork, ads and other items are great inspirational pieces for your layouts. Sometimes it might be a mood or the setting, sometimes the colors used in the ad and sometimes it might even be the entire layout of the ad.

I thought that perhaps that by seeing some examples of artwork created using an ad or piece of artwork as the inspiration, it might get you in the mood to try the same. Just as an extra thought, often when I am in a scrap rut, I will grab an ad that I enjoyed, and use it to create a layout. Sometimes it really works to bring me out of that funk and get some pages done.

Beginning today, and one day each week, I plan to bring you an ad inspiration challenge, that can get you motivated or thinking outside the box.

The cool thing about using an ad or piece of art for layout inspiration, is that you do not have to duplicate the exact design. You could also use the colors, or just the layout, or even a few of the elements to create a whole new layout.

Several years ago I used to participate in ad challenges all the time. I stopped doing it after awhile because my other commitments got in the way. I just recently starting doing it again with a group of girls I meet with every few weeks.

The following is an example of a piece of artwork that was from the challenges several years back.

This is what I did with it.

While my techniques have gotten better (and my layouts too – this was 1999!) I might never have scrapbooked this photograph if I hadn’t have participated in those inspiration challenges.

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