Adding Spice with Software

My daughter’s swimming photos have never looked so good.

It will be a summer to remember indeed, thanks to my friend and her new photo editing software. Last week my 6-year-old was showing off her gymnastics skills at our neighborhood pool. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and cellphone at home, so I wasn’t able to capture her splashtastic moves.

Enter our friend and neighbor Kim, who didn’t waste any time snapping shots of my daughter’s flips, jumps, twists and turns. When she was done shooting the impromptu session, Kim mentioned that she would email the results, so that I could forward them to my parents in Hawaii.

The next day I went to my email inbox and sure enough there were a dozen or so amazing action shots of my daughter launching her body into the pool. However, in addition to the traditional images, were several shots that took my breath away. Kim employed tools from her photo editing software to add a bunch of cool special effects to the pool pictures, and the results are stunning.

Thanks to Paint Shop Pro my daughter looks as though she is a glowing angel floating in mid-air right above the water’s surface. The software’s ability to manipulate light, paint on images, and distort pictures is phenomenal. What’s more, Kim says it took only a few minutes and a couple of mouse clicks to achieve the fun effects.

The majority of the special effects Kim used on my daughter’s photos were artistic. The software’s filter section includes faux chrome, glowing edges, neon glow, colored foil, faux enamel, halftone, colored edges, hot wax coating, magnifying lens, and solarize. Meanwhile, the other pictures were given a boost by applying some 3D effects, such as bevels and cut-outs. These types of effects can be applied to images or text in order to make the photos pop.

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