Adding to the Holiday Drama

Does your stress level spike when you are tasked with hosting a house full of holiday guests or does your blood pressure skyrocket more when you are forced to pack up your brood and spend Christmas at a relative’s house?

Remember how easy it was to make the rounds during the holidays when you didn’t have children?

Once the first kiddo makes her debut strategizing how to visit your entire extended clan becomes yet another dreaded duty that sullies the season. Adding to the holiday hassle is devising an equitable schedule to accommodate multiple sets of parents and grandparents when you are a product of divorce.

My college roommate’s parents divorced when she was a junior in high school, while her husband’s mom and dad split when he was in fifth grade. She gave birth to their first child in February and now she and her hubby are desperately trying to figure out how they are going to visit four sets of grandparents on Christmas Day.

Last night my friend confined that the chaos surrounding her crazy holiday schedule was driving her cuckoo and she is seriously considering cancelling Christmas all together.

I suggested she host all of the parents and grandparents at her home.

She suggested I get a new friend.

Hey, I meant well.

Personally, the thought of traveling to four homes in one day with an infant is not exactly my idea of a jolly holiday. Why spend more time in a car than feasting and frolicking around the Christmas tree with loved ones?

I don’t enjoy the extra work that comes with hosting a huge crowd in my home, but if that’s what it takes to keep the peace, and moreover, preserve my sanity, I am willing to do it. In addition, there is a lot to be said for allowing an infant to remain in a familiar environment, including sleeping in her own crib on Christmas.

What’s your plan for the holidays? Do you prefer to host family in your own home or be hosted by loved ones?

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