Adding to Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important even if you aren’t selling your home. It’s still the first impression people receive when they arrive. You want the yard and exterior to be inviting, either so guests will relax outdoors or feel welcome to come in.

Here are some simple curb appeal solutions:

Great Outdoor Seating

Get rid of those old, webbed lawn chairs that you’ve had since you moved in or at the very least, save them for the beach. Pick up a couple of news chairs and a small table and put together a cozy little seating area. If you need to add some texture, try some nice wicker pieces. If color is what you need, look for some great cushions and add some potted flowers to the table that pick up the colors of the cushions.

Decorative Mailbox Covers

In a previous article, I talked about decorative mailboxes from whimsical designs such as one that was constructed to look like a golf ball to standard shapes that were beautifully hand painted. Mailbox covers give you the ability to customize your mailbox simply and at an affordable price. Choose from monogrammed designs, animal motifs, floral, landscapes, and seasonal designs. You can easily change the cover with each season or holiday.

Organize those Toys

Pick up the toys and move the bikes and skateboards out of the driveway or walkway. Keep play items corralled in one area so guests won’t trip over them or feel like they’re battling an obstacle course as they find their way to the door. If possible, try to keep outdoor equipment in the shed or garage when not in use.

Trimming and Edging

Trim trees and bushes, whack those weeds, and edge your yard. Edging the perimeter of the yard, any walkways, gardens or flower beds, gives your yard a more finished look. Be sure to trim (or have trimmed) any bushes, shrubs, or trees that are near the home. Overgrown greenery not only makes a home look unkempt, but it also hides your home. This is especially important if these items hide the entrance to your home.