Adipex Diet

For many people, losing weight is a daily struggle that floods their mind due to the media and talk show personalities focusing on all the different diet trends. With society tipping the scales from the amount of people who are considered overweight or obese, why doesn’t the media spend less focus on the “perfect” body type and more on truly helping the people who are struggling? All we are showing is the need to be thin, young, and beautiful.

The secret of many of today’s celebrities to staying immensely thin is not just diet and exercise but a diet pill called Adipex, also known as the generic brand called Phentermine. When Renee Zellweger had to gain weight for her role in “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and then dropped all the weight and became toothpick thin within three months, this was not a reality of weight loss done by constant exercise and diet. The reality is these were the effects of a prescription medication which allows for quick and effortless weight loss.

Adipex should only be prescribed by a doctor after all testing for the heart and blood work has come back normal. With the ease of the internet, many websites now allow prescription drugs to be bought without a prescription. The scary part is if you do not know if the drugs being bought are really what they claim. If you desire to try the Adipex diet pill, please consult a physician and get the medication from a real pharmacy before seriously hurting your body.

The main ingredient in Adipex is the same ingredient in Sudafed. When taken, no form of Sudafed or decongestant medication should be taken together. The diet pill speeds up your heart and your blood pressure rises. Many people do not feel the racing affect due to the chemical process of serotonin being stimulated in the brain but be aware that this is a form of an amphetamine and can become addicting. The pill can only be prescribed for three months at a time and then the patient taking the pills should be able to continue the weight loss on their own.

While on Adipex, the diet which should be followed consists of the following:

1) Breakfast should not be more than 300 calories so say goodbye to the bagels and muffins! A light English Muffin is 150 calories with your choice of drink or a grapefruit with tea.

2) Eat lunch! The big meal of the day should be lunch, have your dessert, enjoy yourself, depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy is not the point. Of course you should not eat chocolate cookies every day but once in a while is fine.

3) Dinner should be eaten before 8 o’clock at night at least 5 times a week. At night your body produces certain chemicals which help you sleep like melatonin; if you are eating late at night and then going to sleep within an hour, you are messing up your body chemistry. Instead of producing the chemicals to help you fall and stay asleep, your body is too busy working off the food you just ate, which can cause a restless night sleep and weight gain.

A few more food avoidance while taking the Adipex diet pill are no hard cheeses which include Swiss, American, etc; no fried foods; and taking an antidepressant with the diet pill will lead to the Fen-Phen affect.

The pill is usually taken between the hours of 12:00pm and 3:00pm, an hour before you eat lunch. This is a new chemical being introduced into the body so for the first month, usually only a half of pill is taken; follow the doctor’s orders. If you do not feel well or feel nothing is happening, consult with your doctor about the other options of diet pills available.

Exercise is also a key to changing your lifestyle. Begin slowly and a simple task like taking a walk will give you the weight loss results you desire. The point of taking Adipex is to help the person change their lifestyle, suppress their appetite, and have them continue the diet and lifestyle changes once off the medication.