Adult Bible Studies and Devotionals

Growing up I attended many Bible studies with my parents. These Bible studies consisted of several families who got together every few weeks for a study of a particular book of the Bible. As a younger child I would play with the other children during these gatherings, but as I grew up I started participating in the discussions. As a child I saw these Bible studies as an opportunity to hang out with my friends and nothing more; however, looking back now I appreciate the example that my parents set for me. My parents not only taught me about a love for the Word of God through their own study of the Bible, but also the importance of having fellowship with other Christians.

During my college years I consistently attended various devotionals and Bible studies. These meetings consisted of a variety of things including general fellowship, singing, studying the Bible, and praying. I matured in the Lord through these different gatherings. Through these meetings I was forced to examine my beliefs, to strengthen my faith, and to increase in a knowledge of God’s Word. I also learned a lot about helping others get through tough times and how to be an encouragement to them.

I looked forward to these times of fellowship even if I had a test the next day. These Bible studies and devotionals enhanced my life at college. The group of friends that I developed through these devotionals became stable influences that still remain in my life today. These get-togethers were not only an opportunity for Christian fellowship, but they were also an opportunity to dig deeper and really study the text. I encourage you to have a Bible study or devotion with other families. It will be a wonderful growing, building, and learning experience. I hope that my husband and I will continue doing these types of Bible studies throughout our lives.