Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime, something different from anything else you have ever done? Taking a hiking or biking trip to New Zealand is on the fast track of high-end adventures. For 20 days, you can hike, trek, and/or bike through some of the most stunning countryside in the world.

You can choose from a wide selection of touring options that allow you to experience both north and south islands of New Zealand up close. As you make your way through the diverse countryside, you will be spellbound by the tranquility and exquisite beauty of the native bush and local wildlife. This isolated paradise is the ideal destination for singles and couples who have a true passion for nature and all it has to offer.

Throughout your trip, you will be exposed to various climate zones, vegetations, and landscapes that make this country the wonderful destination that it is. Part of the adventure includes bushwalking, taking you into remote areas where there are active volcanoes, hidden beaches, geysers, crystal blue mountain lakes, and even areas with thermal activity. In addition, your New Zealand hiking adventure will open up a world of culture to include European, Polynesian, and Maoris lifestyles, seen in both rainforests and local cities.

If biking is more your speed, then a cycle tour through beautiful New Zealand is another option. With this, you would have the opportunity of a lifetime, traveling through some of the purest land anywhere. These Pacific tours are specially designed for people with a zest for life and adventure, highlighting the finest nature that New Zealand has to offer. Most of the tours available accommodate children from age 12 and up, so this makes an excellent family experience. Therefore, when you get ready for something new, we highly recommend you consider escaping to New Zealand, the “outback” paradise.

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