Affordable Valentine’s Day Activities

With the recession hitting families hard right now, your Valentine’s Day may not include the typical array of roses, balloons, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. In fact, a recent Consumer Reports poll found that about 50 percent of people with partners plan to spend less money on Valentine’s Day this year. But, instead of making this a black Saturday, why not paint the town red by partaking in these inexpensive family-friendly activities:


Who said you have to spend Valentine’s Day sipping on pricey champagne and indulging in expensive steak and lobster combos to make it memorable? If you’re pinching pennies, consider heading to White Castle on Valentine’s Day. The fast food chain, which made the “Slyder Burger” famous, is accepting Love Day reservations at franchises across the country. For one day only, you and your love muffin can dine at booths topped with tablecloths, flowers and other fancy V-Day decorations. Despite the classy decor, the menu of greasy onion rings and ground beef specialties remains unchanged.


Budget Movies: If you can’t afford to see a first-run flick, then gather the clan and hit the budget cinema for a big-screen Valentine’s Day treat.

Rentals: You can save even more dough by checking out sappy love stories from the video store, then cuddling up on the couch with your special someone.

Zoos and Museums: Spend the day with the kids checking out the birds and the bees. Select zoos and museums across the country are offering Valentine’s Day deals for families who want to go wild sharing the love among the animals and archives.

Crafts and Cookies: If you have young children, then consider spending the day indoors making homemade cards and cookies.

Explore: Pile into the family car and take a drive to a neighboring city that interests you. You can save money by packing a picnic lunch and bringing along your bikes. Park your car at a local recreation area and explore the city on two wheels.

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