A FREE Education!

The United States Government has a wonderful resource for students, teachers, parents, and anyone who needs an information source. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence is a combined effort of over 35 different government agencies to find information. These resources include documents, maps, photos, sound files, teaching ideas, activities, data and much more. The content is updated every day.

Need to find math help? They have a math forum, with a problem of the week, an “ask Dr Math” section, and web units for teachers. Need to learn more about the United States constitution? Visit the constitution community. Would you like the answer to countless “why?” questions? You will find the resources for that here.

The federal bureaucracy which we so often perceive as being slow, outdated, cumbersome, has really done a fabulous job of putting its’ power to work for all citizens with this website. Whether you are a teacher, a student, a homeschooling family, or just plain curious, you will find this a fascinating and detailed reference. Bookmark it! http://www.ed.gov/free/index.html