After Christmas Clearance Sale at Bed Bath & Beyond

Christopher Radko ornament The best time to shop for Christmas ornaments, decorations, and even wrapping paper is in the days immediately following Christmas. Stores cannot wait to unload whatever stock they still have sitting around, so they can make room for the new Spring merchandise. This means shoppers benefit from all of the after Christmas sales. Right now, Bed Bath & Beyond is having a big Christmas Clearance Sale, where things are 50% off the original price.

Some shoppers will make an effort to get into the stores as early as possible on the day after Christmas, specifically to take advantage of the deals. There are some who only purchase Christmas ornaments, decorations, and Christmas related items for the home in the days following Christmas, when everything is at the lowest prices possible. If you don’t want to deal with the crowds, but still want to shop the after Christmas sales, I would suggest checking out the websites. In most cases, the exact same sale is accessible through the website, and often, the website will have a wider selection of merchandise.

Bed Bath & Beyond Is having an after Christmas sale where everything in the sale is 50% off the original price. There are a lot of really beautiful Christmas ornaments in this sale, including ones made by Christopher Radko, Waterford, Wedgewood, Lenox, and Belleek. They also have sets of small, decorative, trees, to use as a table top centerpiece next year. Those that love the smells of the holiday season will want to pick up some of the large Yankee Candles that are a part of this sale. Scents include : Mistletoe, Christmas Cookie, Sparking Cinnamon, Balsam and Cedar, and more.

You can even pick up an entire set of Christmas themed items for the bathroom right now, because they have Christmas shower curtains, towels, and waste baskets. If you really wanted to get a gift set of food related Christmas items, but Santa failed to bring you one, now is the time to pick it up for yourself. They have Gingerbread cookie kits, Tazo teapot and tea sets, several fancy sets of coffees, Peppermint Bark, and many chocolate covered treats.

Image by Brad Coy on Flickr