Air Bud World Pup

Air Bud first emerged with the story of a Golden Retriever who could play basketball. The series then continued on with the same Retriever playing volleyball, football, and more. Soon the series needed more.

Air Bud World Pup is the movie in which the Air Buddies are introduced. In this movie Buddy’s family marries and gets a stepfather and sister. Josh, Buddy’s owner, soon meets up with his new little sister’s soccer coach (which is a school girl his age).

Before long Josh finds a new interest in soccer. With the school soccer team two players short it is left up to Josh and Buddy to join the team. As it turns out Emma, the soccer coach has a female Golden Retriever that catches Buddy’s eye.

With the success of the team, the others in the soccer organization determine that Buddy should not be allowed to play. The team is devastated.

In the beginning Josh and Emma’s relationship is rocky. However, after Josh learns to just be himself things work out. Buddy’s relationship is also blooming. The Air Buddies are born.

The soccer coach receives a call that once again Buddy can be on the team. While the players are getting ready to begin the game, it is discovered that the puppies are missing.

Josh, Emma, and his sister set out to find them. They soon discover that the butler was really a crook and took the puppies. The three save the puppies just in time to make it to the soccer game.

This opens the door for future movies of the puppies to come. After this movie came Air Buddies and then Snow Buddies. The adorable pups are just too hard to resist!

This was a great movie for young and older children. My young children love the movie because of the dogs and puppies. However it has a great story behind it that older children and teens would find appealing.

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