Album in a Day

You’ve heard of an album in a weekend, but lately I’ve heard a lot more about an album in a day. It isn’t impossible if you plan ahead. In fact, the key to getting any scrapbooking done at all, at anytime, really is planning. You will scrapbook much faster and get loads more done, if you take the time to prepare a plan.


The key to getting an album done in one day is to choose your color scheme, papers, embellishments, photographs and anything else you wish to include, before you get started. Having all of this accomplished will make the album easier. In addition, scrapbooking in a smaller size is preferable to a larger size and will allow you to complete the project at a quicker rate.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes I think that scrapbooker’s forget that the whole point of scrapbooking is to keep the focus on the photographs. You are trying to preserve memories for generations to come. If you keep this in mind, and keep your layouts extremely basic and simple, you will be able to complete a project at a much quicker rate.

Gift or Goal?

What is the point of the album you are going to get done in one day? Is it because you have set a goal to get more of your pictures in albums? Or is it because you are trying to complete a gift album for someone else? This can effect the outcome, as sometimes we tend to spend more time and energy on gifts for others. We want to wow them, and amaze them, and we just love the compliments, don’t we? But remember again, that the focus is the photographs. You are preserving memories.

For the next week or so, I will be sharing ideas for gift albums, goal albums, album in a day, album in a week and other quick album types. If you have a question, comment or concern, be sure to leave a comment or send me a private message. I’d be happy to address your questions and would love to know what stumps you, what you are curious about and what you’d like to see discussed.