Album in a Weekend

Creating an album in a weekend, is much easier than completing an album in a day. Some scrapbookers spend most of their time dedicating themselves to getting an entire album done in one single weekend. Sometimes this is because their schedules are so busy that they only have time to scrapbook on the weekends. Other times it is because that particular scrapbooker works best when they are organized and keep everything simple and clean.

Tips to completing an album in one weekend:

  • Papers and cardstock, as well as added embellishments should be kept simple, and only two or three colors should be represented, in order to scrapbook fastest.
  • Spend about an hour gathering your materials. The album, page protectors, papers, cardstock and photographs. And of course any embellishments you want to use should be handy too.
  • Be sure to have your disposables and other often used items handy. Your cutters, scissors, pens, adhesives and other items, should be right where you are working and not somewhere that you have to keep getting up to go retrieve.
  • Spend at least an hour organizing your photographs and choosing which you will definitely use, which you might use, and which photos you won’t be using at all. If you are creating an album that has an actual time line, be sure to place the photographs in order when organizing them. If you are creating more of a theme album the photographs should be organized by page you plan to use them on.
  • Create sketches. Creating about five or six sketches ahead of time, keeping in mind the number of photographs you plan to use, can make scrapbooking fast and easy. Just rotate or mix up the sketches and use different sketches for each page. The same five or six sketches can complete an album easily if you just choose a different one for each page.

There are dozens more tips that I can share, and I will. But for now, just having these basics can get you started on an entire weekend of scrapbooking. Your outcome? A completed album ready to display for all to see.

Good luck and most of all have fun.