All About Me: All My Sisters and Brothers

This is a fun topic for me to journal about in my all about me album. Why? Because I grew up with only one brother. We were close. But when I got older, I decided to search for my biological mother, and when I did I found two more brothers and a sister. Several years later my mother got remarried and now I have four step sisters. So growing up with one sibling and jumping to eight, is strange! I have loads to journal about.

Spend some time thinking about your brothers and/or sisters growing up. Do you have older siblings? Younger siblings? How many of you were there total?

What were your favorite things to do together?

Did you get along or fight often?

How close were you when you were young?
Are you still as close as you were back then, or have you drifted apart? Or perhaps you are closer than you’ve ever been before. Why do you think that is?

What types of things do you share together? Interests? Hobbies? Jobs? Do you live close by, or halfway across the country?

Don’t worry if you were an only child. That is just as important to journal about!
Did you like being an only child? Did you want sisters or brothers? Did you ever pretend that you had some? Was there anyone in your life that was like a brother or sister to you, such as a cousin?

If you enjoyed being an only child, journal about why that is. What benefits you had from being an only child. Journal about your feelings as an only child.

If you did not exactly enjoy being an only child, then journal about that too. It can have a therapeutic quality to it.

Look for quotes about siblings, or even a song that makes you think of your sister or brother. Include the lyrics on the layout and tell why the quote or song makes you think of your sisters and/or brothers.

For me, John Michael Montgomerys’ “Life’s a Dance” has always made me think of my brother and what life was like for him growing up. I cannot possibly ever hear that song without him coming to mind. I added the lyrics on my page and journaled about why that song makes me think of him, and how it makes me feel.

This is an important piece of who you are and needs to be remembered. Have fun with it, but remember the importance of your relationship. Get it down on paper and put it in your album. You might even copy your finished scrapbook layout and present it to him or her as a gift. A truly cherished gift!

Have fun!

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