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teddy bears bearhugs4u2Everyone has a collection of something. What do you collect? Is it mismatched socks? Dust bunnies? Or is it something a bit more special, such as tea pots or cups, teddy bears, Christmas ornaments, stamps, postcards or glass figurines?

It doesn’t matter what you collect, it’s time to scrapbook about it.

From beautifully displayed china pieces to the rather mundane match box car collection, all can be commemorated in your scrapbook.

There are several different ways to include your collections on your layouts. You can scan and reduce in size a flatter object, or you can take photos of your entire collection. Assemble them together in a mini book perhaps highlighting your very favorites in a larger size on the layout.

Be sure to journal. It is important to capture the meaning behind your collection. Think about why you started this particular collection. Think about where some of the pieces in your collection came from. Why did you choose that one over another? Are there any remarkable features about any of the pieces or special editions that you own? How many items do you have in your collection?

If you can remember where certain pieces came from, and the stories behind them, these memories and thoughts should be included on your layouts.

And don’t forget what is to come in your collection. What pieces are on your wish list? What piece do you want the most that you might never be able to get because of cost or limited production?

Obviously creating an entire mini-album, or perhaps in some cases, an entire 12×12 scrapbook album is ideal when commemorating a collection, this is just a quick and easy two page layout idea for your all about me album.

But just because you create a layout for that album, doesn’t mean you cannot still create a full album about your collection.

Although I have a few collections, my most notable collection (besides dust) is my teddy bear collection. I am very particular about what pieces I collect, and not just any teddy bear will do.

So what do you collect? And how do you plan to incorporate it into your albums?

Side Note: The bear depicted in the photo above is my most prized teddy bear in my collection. He is a one of a kind original and was made for me by my biological mother. She owns her own business creating adorable handmade bears. You can visit her here.

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