All About Me: Dream Vacations

You may have already taken your dream vacation, but even if you have, there has to be somewhere else you’d like to visit that you haven’t been to yet. Think about where that might be? Is it an exotic location, some secluded private beach resort, or is it the jungles of Africa?

Dream vacations can be fun to think about. Although there are several exotic locations I’d like to visit, and yes the jungles of Africa are one of them, there are also more simple dream vacations I’d like to take. Of course, I am a simplistic girl.

One thing I’d like to do is to travel the entire Route 66, stopping at the many significant sites along the way. I’ve always had a fascination with Route 66 and it is only appropriate that it would be on my list of dream things to do. However, because it’s such a simply request, it is probably going to happen someday.

So I have to think in terms of a big dream vacation. If I had to choose somewhere else to go, it would be some amazing far away location, with gorgeous scenery. I’m from the states, and I’d love the opportunity to travel to Australia or Italy. They definitely make my list of places I’d like to visit.

Create a layout detailing where you’d like to visit. Pretend that money is no object. It’s an all expense paid vacation anywhere in the world, where is it?

Why did you choose that place? Is there something in particular you want to do there, or something you want to see?

Details about why you chose this location are important. Think about what might be there, what you expect to be there, and what you know is already there. What would you do first? What would you want to do last?

Is this a dream vacation that might never be? Or is this somewhere you think you might get to visit someday?

If you are seeking more information on travel or fun locations to visit, see our travel blog right here on!

Where is it you want to go? Please tell me about it!

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