All About Me: Fall Family Traditions

With fall poking it’s head just around the corner, I thought it was a good time to discuss our fall traditions.
This makes for a perfect layout in your all about me album, and could almost be updated in your yearly album each year as you add family traditions.

Think long and hard about what fall means to you. What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Autumn’. Personally, I think of leaves changing colors, brisk air with the smell of nature, crunching leaves beneath my feet, the smell of pumpkin pies, reaching up to pull that plump, juicy apple off a tree at the local apple orchard, and many more things.

Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s the weather, and the whole outdoors during the fall months. I cannot get enough of it. I’m always so excited to see it coming and sad to see it leave as the crisp, cold months of winter rears its ugly head around mid-November here in the Midwest.

So what types of things should you include on an All About Me layout of fall traditions? Simple really. First, take time to journal about what fall means, what you think about, and whether you enjoy the season, or for some, dislike it.

Next consider your traditions:

Do you visit the apple orchard for apples each September?
If so, what do you do with all those apples you bring home?

Do you go to the pumpkin patch each October?
Do you enjoy tiny pumpkins or great big plump ones? Do you often choose round pumpkins or do you sometimes look for oblong or one that is oddly shaped?

Do you still dress up in costumes for Halloween? Do you have any special requirements when you do dress up? For instance some friends of mine dress up every year to compliment each other: Hansel and Gretal one year, Salt and Pepper another year, and Mrs. Butterworths and a stack of pancakes another year. They always crack us up with their innovative costumes and I think they have a lot of fun coming up with them.

Don’t forget to journal about why you enjoy your traditions, about how long you’ve been doing them, and how the tradition get started.

Bobbing for apples, fall festivals, Oktoberfests, and more are all quite common around here during the fall, what does your city do special for the fall and do have you made it a tradition to attend?

Here’s to a wonderful fall, enjoy creating those layouts with the beautiful color changes in the trees, and the crunching leaves beneath your feet. And don’t forget to rake a great big pile and grab the camera! Have fun jumping in and tossing them all about!

What special fall traditions does you family have?

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