All About Me: Favorite Games

Recently I had the chance to look through some old letters from my grandma to my grandpa. It was really pretty cool to learn that they used to love to play checkers together and that even back then, a popular board game was Monopoly, but that my grandpa always won.

I have since vowed to take the time to scrapbook my favorite games. But not just my favorite games, because our family enjoys playing games together as well. So I will have two layouts in my scrapbook about favorite games.

Think about some of the games you enjoyed playing as a child.

Now think about what games you enjoy now. I am a confessed Sim’s player and I cannot get enough of it. If I do turn the game on, I have the worst problem turning it back off and walking away from it.

On my layouts I will include my childhood favorites, such as Candy land, Hi-Ho-Cherry-O and several others. I will then include my adult favorites that have stretched out beyond just the simple board game. The video games are my favorites, and I love playing Mahjong on my computer.

Our whole family loves the Scene It games and we have them all. What a strange concept that a simple board game concept was twisted and turned into one that is played with a DVD.

We also love games like charades, Scategories and Pictionary and have even come up with some games we play regularly that we made up.

One other thing I plan to include on my layouts is a nice journaling block about the kinds of games I tend to be drawn to.

As a writer, I have always had a fascination with word games. Boggle and Scrabble have been two of my favorites for a long time. In addition I have discovered the wonderful world of computer games, and I can now play games such as Super Text Twist, Word Yachtzee and Double Cross.

Someday I want my kids to look back and see how much their interests have changed since childhood into their adult years. What fun it is to learn such fun details about another person’s life.

So get scrappin’ today and commemorate those wonderful board games, card games, even casino games that you just love to play!

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