All About Me: Favorite Things

We all have a list of things that we just cannot imagine not having in our lives. It can be a big thing like our family, and it can be the small things like the smell of autumn.

Rebecca Sower, a scrapbooking icon, created a wonderful layout several years ago depicting her favorite things. She started the trend and it has continued every year.

Following in Rebecca’s footsteps, why don’t you take some time to create a layout commemorating fifty to one hundred things that you love. Think about your favorite things. What’s your favorite food, or clothing? Do you have a broken in pair of jeans that you just have to have in your closet? Or do you love a walk in the spring? What about the smell of sweet peas or the scent of Christmas.

What things do you love?

Don’t just stop at your favorite things, think of the mundane everyday simple things you might otherwise forget, however if you didn’t have them, you’d be sad.

For me, my coffee is a big must have on my list. I also absolutely love my little tea light burner and the scent of sweet pea that comes pouring out. And even though I collect teddy bears and love all of them, my very favorite one has a history behind it, and that’s the one that would make to my favorites list.

What about the seasons? Is there a particular season you especially love? Is there something in particular you love about it? For instance, autumn is my favorite, and the sound of crunching leaves beneath my face as I’m taking a walk on a cool brisk morning, is pure heaven to me.

So that some time to think about what you cannot imagine life without. Use letter stickers, different fonts and colors, rub-ons and anything else you can think of. For things like Starbucks coffee, use the Starbucks logo instead.

I’d love to see your layout when you’re done!