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We all have favorite foods, and we all have recipes and items that we love to cook. More than likely you have a recipe that has been passed around your family over and over because everyone loves it. These are all things you should scrapbook about and keep preserved for future generations.

Getting started is easy, think about the foods and drinks you consume each day. Think about the one’s you might not be able to survive without. If I never had a “Venti Cafe Mocha” from Starbucks again, I’d be pretty depressed, since it’s my favorite drink.

I’d also be really bummed out if I missed out on my mother’s version of Texas Sheet Cake. The dessert of choice in our house for my entire childhood, and still stands as my favorite. In fact, it had such an impact on my life, that I created an entire two page spread about it!

So what are your favorite foods? What are some things you choose to indulge in on a regular basis?

Is cooking one of your favorite activities? Or do you prefer to let someone else do the dirty work? Is there a special meal your family loves? Or a dish you always make to bring to special functions?

And don’t forget the drinks. Do you have to have a hot cup of coffee or tea every morning to get your day started? When you are really thirsty what do you reach for? A tall cold glass of lemonade?

Once you’ve answered the questions, you can begin to scrapbook. First analyze how many pages you want to dedicate to the food theme. You might just want to do a two page layout, or you might wish to break the whole thing down into separate layouts, one about your favorite drinks, one about your favorite food, and one including your favorite recipes.

You can fit many recipes on one scrapbook layout by creating a mini-book or tag book on your page.

Another spin on the whole cooking thing is to include answers to these questions as well.

How did you learn to cook?

Who taught you?

What do you remember making the first couple of times you attempted to cook on your own?

What is the best cooking experience you’ve ever had?

What is the worst cooking experience you’ve ever had?

Remember, these pages do not require photographs, but as an extra challenge, or an extra boost to your pages, you might like to include some.

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