All About Me: Friendships

Friendship is a vital part of who we are. Everyone needs friends, but everyones needs from a friendship are different, just as each friendship itself is different.

Some people are content having only one or two very close friends, and others need larger groups of friends.

If you have two friends or you have a hundred, commemorating those friendships in your scrapbook album are extremely important. Not to mention that much like “Chicken Soup for the Soul” it does your heart good to remember what makes each friendship you have special.

Several months back I created a themed album on my friendships. You can see the article here. There are links at the bottom to every day that I updated the album.

Because I am now creating an all about me album, it is still important to have these layouts in my album.

I decided to break the friendship theme into childhood friends and my current friends.

I asked myself several questions:

Do I make friends easily?

Did I have more friends as a child? Or as a Teen? Or now?

Do I consider myself friends with a lot of people or am I close to only a small handful?

What do I value in a friend or friendship?

Do I have an “online”/Internet friendships and how does that work?

Who is my best friend?

Who is the friend I have known the longest?

How important is friendship to me?

I had a lot of fun with this layout and because of the fact that I had already done the album it came easily. However, asking the questions of myself, did make me really sit down and think about each of my friends, what they mean to me and how important they are in my life.

Go ahead and create your all about me: friendships layout and see what you discover about yourself and your friends. You might be surprised what you learn along the way.

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