All About Me: Live, Love, Laughter

Scrapbook Funnies, HumorWhat is it that makes you smile? And what gets you into a fit of giggles? And still, what makes you just break into a fit of laughter? Everyone needs to laugh, and as the old saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine”. I can attest to that. On my gloomiest, most depressing days, all it takes is something funny to happen, and I’m laughing until I cry!

So what is it that makes you laugh? Think about the funny things your children do. Think about your boyfriend, husband or significant other. Do they do things that make you laugh?

What about comedies on TV? Is there a particular character that makes you laugh, or brings you out of a funk?

What about animals? They can be the funniest creatures ever! Our two cats provide us more enjoyment and amusement that toys and TV provide. They are constantly doing something that makes us laugh.

If it is a person who makes you laugh, who is it and why do they make you laugh? For me it is my boyfriend. It does not matter how moody I am that day, or how upset I am about something, all it takes is that grin on his face, that goofy look and something funny he says or does, and the spell is broken. You just cannot be in a bad mood around him when he’s acting like that. I appreciate him for that, and I intend to include that on my layout.

Of course our children provide us plenty of humor. Our middle child, Melissa is the funniest one the whole house, and she goes out of her way to provide entertainment to the rest of the family. The most recent thing she makes me laugh, is that she is ready to be Baptized. I am excited, nervous and blessed that she has chosen to accept Christ. However, my sweet Mel has some trouble with the word Baptized. And for whatever reason it makes me laugh. She says to people “I’m going to be “Bapatized”. It’s really funny and she does it with any variation of the word even though we’ve corrected her. Those are things I want to include in my album.

So, what makes you laugh? What jokes do you love? Tell me about it!

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