All About Me: The Car You Drive

Do you remember your first car? What color it was, the make and model? Was it a brand new car that you saved up to buy? Or was it an older model, possibly even a hand me down? Did you even get a car or did you drive around mom and dad’s grocery getter? What about now? Are you driving your dream car, or is it still just a dream?

Go out to your garage or your driveway and take some photos of the cars that you drive. Then, create a layout using those photographs. Journal about the vehicle.

Is it a car? SVU? Truck? Sports Car? What made you choose that exact car?

Include statistical information on your layout – such as the make and model, the color, even why you chose that color, the mileage, how much it cost when you bought it, include it’s blue book value now.

Lease or own. Many people choose to lease their vehicles, some choose to buy the vehicle but have a monthly payment – include that information too.

When did you purchase the car? How much longer do you have on payments? Do you plan to get a new vehicle soon, if so – why?

Now for the most fun part of all, what’s inside that car?

Car seats?

CD’s or Tapes?

Food Wrappers or Empty Cups?

Emergency Kits?

Tell about how your car and the contents reflect who you are, and tell something about yourself.

And what radio station is your car set to? What radio stations are the other buttons preset too. You could even paper piece a radio with the buttons and put the radio stations on each button.

Don’t forget to check out your glove compartment and the trunk for other items that might be floating around your car. This could be a great opportunity to actually clean out your vehicle!

And if you still aren’t driving your dream car, be sure to include information on that too. What would you rather be driving? Why?

Have fun and get creative! This could be a fun all about me entry! Be sure to tell me about your layout, or just about your car. I’d love to hear about it.

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