All About Me: Three Things

Everyone has hopes and dreams, things we aspire to. These are things that live within our heart and we might accomplish someday, but maybe not. But what if you had three wishes. Just three simple wishes for anything in the world.

What would you wish for? What are some things you really want. These are things that if you could have any three things in the world granted to you, you’d receive.

Spend some time thinking about that.

Once you have chosen your three wishes, think about it further. Why do you want these three things. Journal about that on your layout. Explain why these three things are so important to you, why you desire them enough to actually wish for them.

Then, go even further. After you have decided why you want them so much, think about how your life might be affected if you had these three things. Would your life change? Would other’s lives change? Would everything stay the same if you had these three things? Journal that information onto a scrapbook page.

To make the page more interesting, find photos of these items and include them if possible. I understand that a wish might be something like “world peace” and that might be harder to depict in a photograph, but try. Be creative when looking for photographs.

Once you have completed your three wishes layout, I want you to think some more.

This is for a whole new layout. If you could take any three things that you already possess or own, and you were going to be stranded on an island, what three things would you take? What three things can you not imagine living without? Is it scrapbooks? Your family? I cheated and said my family as a whole, because there are six others, and I couldn’t leave any of them behind. But what else besides your family would you take? What if it had to be items only – no people could be with you. Then what would you take?

Now I want you to journal about why those three things are the things you chose to bring with you. Why are those three things so important? Create a layout entitled “Three Things” and place all this information on the layout.

My three things I want to take:

  • My family
  • My scrapbook supplies
  • my camera

If it had to be items only:

  • my cell phone so I could call my family
  • my scrapbook supplies
  • my computer

I’d love to know what three things you could not live without – please share!

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