All About Me: What Makes You Cry?

emotionsEmotions are a part of every humans personality. Feelings such as anger, sadness, and happiness are part of our everyday life. Each emotion makes our bodies do something different, as well as makes our brain think different thoughts.

Take some time to think about the things that get your emotions all stirred up. Crying can be soup for the soul at times. Some people can cry at the drop of a hat; watching a commercial on television, seeing a child born, or simply thinking of a sentimental memory from the past.

And then there are people on the opposite spectrum that very rarely cry. Does this mean they have no emotion? Certainly not, but many people can control their emotions and not show them outwardly, even if on the inside they are angry and crying. Some people still choose to cry alone and in total privacy. That’s ok.

But think about what makes you cry?
Think about the stereotypes associated with crying? Do adults cry? Of course they do. Do men cry? Yes, they do. Does that make them any less a person because a strong, noble man has cried? Absolutely not.

Crying is a wonderful emotion that can go beyond just sadness, to being so happy that tears begin to flow. It can be simply something moving your heart and soul so much that it brings tears. Yes, I am one of those sappy people that cries easily. I’m not necessarily proud of it, because it’s not a lot of fun to not have control over your own emotions. However, it is a part of who I am, and what makes up ME. I plan to journal about that.

So what makes you cry?

Watching a sad movie? A sad ending to a book? Looking at baby pictures of your grown up child?

Think about when the last time you cried was. How did you feel? What thoughts were going through your head?
Do you cry often? Or very little?

Journal these feelings and thoughts and place them into your All About Me Album. And when you have completed this layout, think about what makes you angry, and try the same exercise on that.

Good luck!

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