All About Me: Where Did You Come From?

Where did you come from? Yes, I do know where babies come from. That is not what I mean. What I mean is, where are you from? Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

These are awesome questions to be answered in your all about me scrapbook. Take time to think about your answers. Ask yourself questions about your childhood.

Did you move around a lot when you were a child? Was it because you had a family member in the Military, or perhaps you just had parents that liked to move around a lot.

Did you grow up in the same house your entire life? Even though I changed schools dozens of times over the course of my life, I remained in the same house my entire childhood. From the day I came home from the hospital until after my 18th birthday we had the same house. Then we moved. In fact, we moved my senior year which was extremely traumatic on me, and one of those things I wish to journal about in my all about me album.

So go beyond just these questions and journal about what you loved the most about that home. What was your favorite thing? Your least favorite thing? What made that house a home?

Record details about the house, about your town where you grew up. What did you do for fun? We used to ride our bikes all over the subdivision. We used to swing on these long vines that hung over a huge creek down the street from my house. We used to look for frogs and turtles and yes, even snakes.
I remember a lot about my childhood because it was all centrally focused in one home. But I wonder if I had changed homes a lot, would I have the memories still that I have?

If you hare having trouble remembering details, grab some photos from that time frame. Of you, of your house, your parents of anything you can find. And just start writing. Don’t worry if it makes sense. Use the pictures as a starter. Describe what is happening in the pictures and often, memories will come flooding back. But don’t just stop there. Describe the way your house smelled and sounded. What it felt like when you touched it.

Do the same thing with the town the house was in. What do you remember of it? Are you still living in that same town? Do you visit the same places you went as a child with your own children?

Have some fun with this one. It can be therapeutic and the memories feel so good coming back!

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