All I Want for Christmas Scrapbook

Here is a fun idea for a holiday scrapbook. It’s an “All I Want for Christmas” scrapbook. You could create a quick, easy scrapbook for every member of your family.

The title of the album is obvious but you may be wondering what to fill the pages with. The first page would simply be a picture of the family member that the scrapbook is about. Surrounding that picture would be pictures of all the things they are dreaming of for Christmas.

You can find lots of pictures in the ads that come in your Sunday paper or in catalogs. Surrounding each picture, draw the outline of a cloud as if the person is dreaming of those items.

On the next page you could type or write in why those items are desired. For instance, if someone in your family wants a laptop in order to begin a writing career they could write about that. This can be interesting and fun, especially when asking children why they want a specific toy.

For younger children who can’t write, use crayon to write their answer. Write exactly what they say as it captures the true essence of who they are. If your child can write, let them write down in their own words why they want a certain item.

The pages following will be filled in after Christmas. These are pictures that capture the person opening their gifts. The pictures can be made more interesting if you also photograph them using the item.

For instance if they received a pair of ice skates, you could take pictures of them skating at the rink the first time they wear them and include that in your scrapbook. Or photograph those simple playtime moments where your child is enjoying a toy they received.

By creating a new “All I Want for Christmas” scrapbook every December you can see the changes in your children and the excitement of Christmas be captured every year.

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