All New Budget Scrapbooking Supplies

On the quest for new and easy to obtain, budget conscience supplies for scrapbooking, I have found myself being creative and unique. The best part of this, is that my pages are original and really fun to create using these new supplies I’ve discovered along the way. So what are these great ideas? Here are just a few.


Sure, everyone has created a pocket on their page. But have you thought of cutting a pocket out of an old shirt or pair of pants and using it on your scrapbook page? It looks great with the new embroidered tag embellishments everyone is using!

Book Pages

Another fun, and extremely frugal supply I found was using pages from a favorite children’s book, or even a book that wasn’t a favorite but coordinates with the theme. When we purchased guinea pigs, we found a really nutty book that nobody liked, about an eccentric guinea pig. So we cut apart the book. We used some of the pages as background patterned paper, we cut out some of the shapes to use as embellishments and the title had the word guinea pig in it, so we used that too. There are dozens of ways to use books in your scrapbooks, just try it out!

Gift Wrap and Other Party Supplies

After attending a friend’s daughter’s baptism, I took home a napkin and a cup from the party. I loved the pattern (daisies) and I thought not only would it be a great color combination for a scrapbook page, but I could actually cut out the daisies and use them on my scrapbook page, and I did. Use embellishments from a gift bag or use gift wrap as a background paper. Ribbons, gift tags and even goodie bag items can be used on a scrapbook page.

So, hopefully these three new ideas will help you be creative and have some fun on your layouts. Always keep your eyes open for new and innovative items to use on your pages!

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