Allergy Free Kids Room Part 2

Welcome to the new month! It is a great time to make an early resolution to create an allergy free room for your child. If you missed part 1 of this series, please click here to catch up. You don’t want to miss information about your child’s mattress and window treatments.

Now, on to part 2.


Disorganization combined with toys out everywhere means lots of dust that is hard to control. Proper storage of toys and other belongings is important in order to reduce the dust that collects. Covered bins or boxes work wonderfully to reduce that dust, a source of allergens. Tucked into a a shelf, the toys remain clean, and a quick swipe of the surface of the shelf is all that is needed.

Plush toys are notorious places for dust and germs. That is why many hospitals and thrift stores won’t accept used stuffed animals as a donation. Still, your child can’t go without his or her lovey. The secret is to choose plus toys that are washable. If you can, secretly obtain an extra of his or her favorite, so they can be swapped out on wash day (this also serves as extra insurance in case one lovey gets lost).

If you do have a plush that cannot be washed, you may be able to put it in the dryer to help remove allergens.


Avoid down or feather bedding, unless it is the hypoallergenic kind. Instead, polyester filled bedding that can hold up to regular washings is ideal. Wash in hot water, and if your dryer has it, use the antibacterial setting.


A laundry hamper in the bedroom can be a bad idea. Damp socks can promote mold, and all sorts of pollen or other outside allergens can be present in the hamper. Washable laundry bags, mesh or fabric, are a better choice. Make them small, so they can be emptied and switched out frequently.

Cleaning the Carpet

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