All I want for Christmas is a Forever Family .

Tonight as we tuck our children in and remind them to fall asleep quickly so Santa will visit, our children will sleep in peace knowing the morning will bring gifts they have wished for.

Our children will know that Santa won’t be leaving rocks or coal because as loving parents we have done our best to build their self esteem and over all they have been more nice than naughty.

As our children are tucked in to their beds and sleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads many other children tonight will hope Santa brings them but one thing–a family to call their own.

This Christmas Eve an estimated 120,000 children will go to sleep in the United States waiting for an adoptive family and these children, for the most, part will be kids who have been more nice than naughty. By no fault of their own the waiting children lack the one thing every child should have and not be in the situation of wishing for–Parents and a family to call their own. Thousands of children every year age out of Foster Care to find themselves adults in the world with no place to go home for the holidays.

My personal prayer this Christmas Eve is that each child who has fallen asleep tonight wishing for an adoptive family will spend next Christmas eve just dreaming of dancing sugar plums and all the things children should be dreaming of tonight. I pray that in the morning every gift donated by caring people for Foster Children will fit exactly right and that not one child tomorrow morning will wonder if Santa forgot them, or could not find where to deliver the gifts.

Not everyone can Adopt an older, special needs, or waiting child but, each of us might make a difference if we try to remember those who long for the simple gift of a forever family and home for the holidays. If you can not adopt a foster child you can be a voice for them. You might add a prayer or make a new years resolution to help next year to be sure that at least one Foster Child knows they were more nice than naughty and Santa knows what they need and where they can be found. Every child deserves the simple things of childhood and for those with no family we each can make a difference in our own ways.

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